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Meet Patti LeConte

I like to say I’m entering into the 3rd phase of my life. Patti 3.0...and I love her! I want to show people that this methodology has a place and a purpose in everyone’s life.

We Type A personalities are not comfortable in the silence. We are high achievers and always want to put our best effort forward. High intensity is a microcosm of our lives so we need to look for an outlet for release or risk burning out.

I was using exercise as my outlet...but I was bringing that same philosophy of high intensity into it. I hit a brick wall - an injury - and it taught me that my outlet needed to help me find balance. 

It’s taken a while, but I have learned the yin & the yang work in tandem - so I create classes that incorporate a healthy dose of both. You work and you rest and learn that each are equally important.


Fit & Flow HIIT




Strength Training On The Ball


Group Training

"What we think, we become"


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