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Yoga Off The Mat & In Your Tummy

Meet Marty Cowan, vegan lifestyle guru, mom, hiking enthusiast, yogi, amazing chef and friend. Her nieces call her "Aunt Party"...just to give you an idea of what she's like in person! She lives in Ft. Collins Colorado but I met Marty & her husband in Costa Rica on my very first yoga retreat.

Her book Table To Trail made a perfect gift for my vegetarian, outdoor-loving sister! It's filled with yummy, portable recipes, gorgeous photos and loads of inspiration for up-leveling and integrating different modalities into your healthy lifestyle.

Experiencing yoga on and off the mat is everyday life for Marty. Here she shares a yummy autumn recipe and ways to support the ROOT CHAKRA.


with farro and root vegetables

MULADHARA CHAKRA, root + base + energy wheel

location: base of the spine, pelvic floor, first three vertebrae


This salad reminds me of a fall sunset with vibrant colors that inspires nourishment and balance to the root chakra. This energy center is indicative of basic human needs (food, shelter, security, and emotional stability). When aligned, we feel safe and strong. When imbalanced, we can feel anxiety, uncertainty and fragility. This foundational chakra can be nurtured with meditation, yoga postures and supplemental foods red in color and in this recipe, gorgeous purple-red beets and hearty sweet potatoes from our earth’s soil. The sunny-yellow vinaigrette contains ground turmeric and ginger, and fresh herbs with a hint of sweetness that brings a burst of life to the chewy, wholesome farro. All topped with avocado, creamy tahini and crunchy sesame seeds. There are extended cook times in this recipe (30 & 45 minutes) – while you are waiting for the vegetables to roast, or the farro to cook, why not try some postures associated with keeping the root chakra in alignment? We often reach for our phones or turn on the TV while we are cooking – so take this opportunity to meditate, stretch, or pranayama (controlled breath work). Make your time in the kitchen just as meaningful as your time on the yoga mat. I hope you are all off to a fantastic fall! Sending joy and smiles from Colorado. Love, marty

P.S. Farro is an ancient grain from Mesopotamia. One quarter cup has 6g protein! It also has fiber and some essential vitamins and minerals. Great for soups, stews, chili, and on salads like this recipe!


Tadasana/mountain pose

Malasana/yogi squat

Uttanasana/forward fold

Surya Namaskar A & B/sun salutation

Anjaneyasana/low crescent moon pose

Virabhadrasana/warrior 2

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/bridge pose

Savasana/corpse pose

Marty Cowan, RYT500

author, Table To Trail


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