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Yoga Retreats - What's Right For You?

Beautiful scenery, blissed out yogis and instructors, healthy food,getting away from it all. Getting away from it all with a yoga retreat on your bucket list? Here are some points to consider...

There are different kinds of retreats. Do you want a vacation or are you wanting to do some work?

Yoga VACATIONS are about fun. Hang out with the yogis, enjoy the sights, get a treatment or two and throw in some yoga. You might have the opportunity to try out some kinds of yoga classes that you haven’t been able to work into your schedule at home. You can have a blast traveling with your best friend or meet some new ones. Yoga vacations usually include a lot of down time and excursion options.

Yoga RETREATS are a bit different. The best retreats center around a THEME and you will work toward it. Yoga classes, meditations and other modalities all help find a deeper knowledge of yourSELF. There will still be time for fun, treatments and excursions, but most will be in line with the theme.

You can also find vacation/retreat hybrids. The itinerary may include days of concentrated work AND days of time off.

Yoga RETREATS are my preference. I can go on vacation any time, but to get away and work on myself for a week? BLISS! I usually suggest to my yogis that their first retreat should be a solo gig. Don’t take your bestie or your partner along. Give yourself the freedom to remove all attachments to who you think you are. Just BE and discover the true you.

For me, an annual or semi-annual yoga retreat is a necessity. I need that week away from reality, with like-minded people who are focused on lifting their vibration. Plus, I get to see incredible parts of the world and it’s a lot of fun!

Travel restrictions are lifting...need help finding a retreat? There are so many to choose from. Let’s connect!

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